WhatsApp is often flooded with several chats, especially when you're a part of customer-facing teams. 

Teams put their best foot forward to get to these chats. However, it seems a long shot considering their sheer volume. In such situations, addressing every chat and interacting with the right context becomes crucial. 

WhatsApp CRM integrations help monitor WhatsApp chats and activity on the CRM, enabling teams to see complete customer interactions in one place. It effectively conveys the context to take a customer interaction forward. WhatsApp monitoring helps teams gain visibility over chats and contacts essential for business. Many agencies and organizations use Cooby’s WhatsApp integration to sync WhatsApp chats to Salesforce or HubSpot

What is WhatsApp monitoring? 

WhatsApp monitoring is a process of tracking chats and user activity on WhatsApp for personal or professional purposes. Many industries use it to streamline and monitor high-stakes external communication, especially with customers, while ensuring customer information is secure.

Across industries, customer-facing teams are under tremendous pressure to resolve customer queries . Such teams need to keep messaging consistent and prioritize vital accounts. With a WhatsApp monitor, they can do all this and more while enriching cross-functional collaboration. 

Cooby helps businesses monitor WhatsApp chats and contacts on CRM software such as HubSpot and Salesforce. The software integrates your individual WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business number (not WhatsApp Business API numbers) to CRM for better visibility and monitoring.  

Get started with Cooby for free

CRM integration is one of the key value propositions of Cooby. The software comes as a power package to supercharge WhatsApp for customer-facing teams. You get an organized WhatsApp inbox reinforced with robust features to increase productivity and stay focused. 

Benefits of monitoring WhatsApp

Tracking customer conversations for process improvements drives a company’s growth. But, in many cases, these conversations extend to communication platforms like WhatsApp. In absence of proper tools to monitor WhatsApp, team leaders might lose the plot. 

WhatsApp monitoring helps leaders track interactions with customers on WhatsApp while assembling it with other interactions in the CRM software. With a 360-degree view of customer interactions leaders can predict opportunities to close deals. It also helps in coaching their team for better and more effective communication.

360-degree visibility

What part of sales teams' efforts go into selling ? It’s less than half. To be precise, salespeople invest 35.6% of their time in selling and the rest of it goes into administrative work like updating CRM, internal meetings, and whatnot.

WhatsApp monitors help take administrative work like updating the CRM software off the sales team’s shoulders, freeing up more hours to sell. Cooby-powered WhatsApp monitors provide complete visibility of chats on CRM, helping managers get a 360-degree view of their team’s work. 

Consistent messaging

By monitoring WhatsApp conversations, leaders can identify messaging patterns and check if they align with the brand’s messaging. 

Leaders can also proactively identify gaps in messaging, lack of clarity or information, and fill them before they become business-critical issues.  

Faster feedback loops

Leaders can check real-time chats, respond quickly, and save the day through discounts, or provide immediate issue resolution.

They can even go a step further to automate a few standard processes. Here’s how you can get started with WhatsApp automation.

All conversations and data in one place

Every day you auto-sync customer data to your CRM is a day you give your team freedom from manual labor. 

Not to mention the number of hours your team will save and actually focus on what they do best. That’s a win-win-win situation; a win for you, a win for your team, and a big win for your customers. With all data in one place, your teams are better equipped to resolve customer queries faster, help them proactively, and interact with the context as your customers expect.

Cooby’s auto-sync feature helps you automatically sync customer chats and details to your CRM software. 

Easier audits

Cooby syncs chats and contacts to CRM, making it easier for leaders to access anything, anytime. At any point, they can go through chat history, understand the context, or resolve an issue. During audits, leaders can pull data and insights at the drop of a hat and progress with a more informed strategy.

Cooby provides audit trails for WhatsApp conversations, helping leaders get a better understanding of what’s going on and how they can help. You can also set WhatsApp reminders in Cooby to carry out crucial business tasks.

WhatsApp monitoring software

WhatsApp monitoring software helps you track all chats and interactions on WhatsApp. These tools might be standalone software or they can integrate with CRM tools that you already use. 

How to choose the best WhatsApp monitoring tool

If you’re actively searching for the best WhatsApp monitor, here’s what you need to look for: 

  • Features. Compare features across different solutions to identify the ones that fulfill your needs.
  • Compatibility with devices. Check if the solution works with your team’s existing devices. 
  • Ease of use. Understand whether everyone in your team is able to use the product. You should consider the interface's user-friendliness while looking for a WhatsApp monitoring solution.
  • Reliability. You need software that offers accurate information on time and doesn’t take much time to load. Do ask how often and how well it syncs data and conversations.  
  • Customer support. To resolve your customers’ issues quickly, you need quick resolutions from any monitoring solution you pick. So, do ask about their response time and resolution time. 
  • Privacy and security. Compromising your customers’ valuable data is something you would never want to be accused of. Check how they’re safeguarding your clients’ data.

A reliable WhatsApp monitoring solution for businesses

Cooby integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce to deliver a robust WhatsApp monitoring solution. With Cooby you don’t have to separately track WhatsApp interactions and insights. They’re available to you in a neat dashboard on your CRM.

In addition, Cooby comes with several benefits, including:

  • Organize WhatsApp chats within custom tabs
  • Create follow-up reminders and task lists 
  • Preserve the gist of your conversations through notes
  • Send customized and personalized messages with templates
  • Reach your customers instantly at scale with broadcasts.
  • Be more productive on WhatsApp with Inbox Zero.

Best practices for monitoring WhatsApp chats

While monitoring customer chats on WhatsApp is excellent for business, it still needs to be done ethically and professionally. 

  • Chalk out a clear policy. Define what should be tracked. Once it’s defined, let your employees have absolute clarity and alignment on this policy. 
  • Respect privacy. While tracking for businesses, ensure you don’t end up monitoring personal information. Both your employees and your customers would respect you for it.
  • Automate or use a tool. Tracking data of multiple leads/customers manually would get too time-consuming, messy, and unorganized. Save yourself from the hassle and use a tool to analyze and capture data well. 
  • Secure data. Through monitoring tools, you might get access to sensitive information that needs to be protected at all costs. Whether it’s the CRM or the tool, ensure it’s a trustworthy one and has robust security protocols in place to avoid issues in the future. 
  • Check CRM integrations. Ensure the integration between the tool and the CRM is set and functional at all times. Check it in certain intervals, ideally daily, to ensure no essential data goes untracked. 
  • Comply with regulations. Make sure tracking complies with various data protection and privacy laws. 

Ramp up productivity on WhatsApp

Monitoring your WhatsApp doesn’t have to be just about syncing chats and extracting insights from them. With Cooby, it can be much more than that. 

You can skyrocket your productivity by categorizing chats into tabs, taking notes from chats, adding reminders, tagging team members in customer interactions, and integrating your chats into popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce.

Let Cooby help you monitor WhatsApp chats, and deliver the assistance you need to be more productive.

FAQs - WhatsApp monitoring  

Let’s answer a few burning questions you might have while looking into WhatsApp monitoring tools, specifically Cooby. 

How can I monitor WhatsApp? 

In WhatsApp business, you can back up your chats on Google Drive and access them later. However, it’s not the best way to monitor and make the most of your chat data. We’d suggest you give WhatsApp monitoring tools like Cooby a try. It will truly revolutionize the way you use WhatsApp for work.  

How can I track my teams’ WhatsApp messages? 

Different tools have different processes. If you’re using Cooby, follow this process. To track WhatsApp chats on Cooby, your team selects relevant chats and sync them to the CRM tool. Post that, you would be able to track these chats on the Cooby Workspace and in the CRM tool. 

How to track only business messages on WhatsApp and not personal chats? 

Cooby offers a manual sync feature that helps you handpick the conversations you’d like to track and sync into the CRM, keeping your private chats limited to you.

"Cooby created a massive impact on our business. Our teams became more efficient and effective in managing clients on WhatsApp."

Pascal Lammers
Head of Digitization, Mission Mittelstand GmbH

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