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Choose the plan that best suits your personal needs

Cooby Extension Free

$ 0.00 / month
For those who are looking to effortlessly sort their inboxes.
Add to Chrome
All system tabs
3 custom tabs
3 templates
10 reminders / month
5 notes / month
5 scheduled events / month
5 shared conversations / month

Cooby Extension Pro

$ 9.99 / month
For WhatsApp-reliant people who want to supercharge and customize their inboxes completely.
Add to Chrome
All system tabs
Unlimited custom tabs
Unlimited templates
Unlimited reminders
Unlimited notes
Unlimited scheduled events
Unlimited shared conversation


$ 17.99 / month
(up to 3 users)
For teams looking to sync their WhatsApp contacts and conversations into their CRMs for a centralized customer database.
Add to Chrome
Includes Cooby Extension Pro, plus:
CRM Integration: HubSpot or Salesforce
Premium Support
Prioritized feature requests
Sort and organize your WhatsApp inbox

How Cooby works

Cooby's native integration with CRMs enables 2-way syncing between your WhatsApp and your CRM. Once connected, CRM and WhatsApp contacts will be automatically linked via phone number. You'll be able to see CRM information alongside your WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp messages will also be automatically synced to your CRM in near real-time.

Cooby's compatibility with different CRM services

Unsure if Cooby is compatible with your CRM service or how syncing works for different CRMs?

CRM services
Custom Webhook
Automatically sync ongoing messages when opening WhatsApp Web
Automatically sync all historical WhatsApp messages
Automatically sync contact properties
Sync 1:1 chats
Sync group chats
Automatically link WhatsApp contacts with CRM contacts
Link or create CRM contacts on WhatsApp Web
Support multimedia files
Available only for Growth and Custom plans.

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