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Cooby provides a flexible solution built specifically for sales communication. Book a demo and see how Cooby can help you boost sales performance.


Choose the plan that best suits your personal needs

Cooby Extension Free

$ 0.00 / month
For those who are looking to effortlessly sort their inboxes.
Add to Chrome
All system tabs
3 custom tabs
3 templates
10 reminders / month
5 notes / month
5 scheduled events / month
5 shared conversations / month

Cooby Extension Pro

$ 9.99 / month
For WhatsApp-reliant people who want to supercharge and customize their inboxes completely.
Add to Chrome
All system tabs
Unlimited custom tabs
Unlimited templates
Unlimited reminders
Unlimited notes
Unlimited scheduled events
Unlimited shared conversation


$ 17.99 / month
(up to 3 users)
For teams looking to sync their WhatsApp contacts and conversations into their CRMs for a centralized customer database.
Add to Chrome
Includes Cooby Extension Pro, plus:
CRM Integration: HubSpot or Salesforce
Premium Support
Prioritized feature requests
Sort and organize your WhatsApp inbox

Cooby seamlessly connects your WhatsApp to your CRM, empowering you to record essential customer conversations and draw insights to drive better sales performance.

How Cooby works

Cooby's native integration with CRMs enables 2-way syncing between your WhatsApp and your CRM. Once connected, CRM and WhatsApp contacts will be automatically linked via phone number. You'll be able to see CRM information alongside your WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp messages will also be automatically synced to your CRM in near real-time.

WhatsApp App or WhatsApp Business API?

Unsure about which WhatsApp product is best for you? Learn about the differences between individual WhatsApp App and WhatsApp API:

Individual WhatsApp App
WhatsApp Business API
MessageBird, WATI
Best for
Sales teams
Small business owners
Ecommerce marketing
Customer support
Use cases
Build relationships
Proactive outreach
Broadcast promotions
Share notifications
Available on
App, browser
3rd party solution provider interface
Start chat with new customers
No 24hr window chat limit
No need for pre-approved templates
Mobile, WhatsApp Web accessible
Create and join Group Chats
Fully personalized messages
Fully personalized WhatsApp profile
Business profile
Broadcast messages
24-hr window limit on chat initiation
Require pre-approved templates
Cannot join Group Chats
Green tick for official account possible

Is Cooby right for you?

Cooby is best for Sales teams. Do you have many salespeople using their WhatsApp to keep in touch with customers? Do you have a CRM and you can’t find a way to track WhatsApp activity on your CRM? If so then Cooby is for you.

Use this checklist to see if Cooby is right for you:

Is Cooby right for me?
We are a part of the Sales organization (Sales, SalesOps, RevOps, IT)
We need salespeople to reach out to new customers on WhatsApp
We need sales to build long-term relationships with our customers
Our salespeople use individual WhatsApp to talk to customers
Our company has a CRM in place
Our team has more than 10 salespeople
We need salespeople to reach out to new customers beyond the 24hr window
We need salespeople to send messages that are more personalized to the customer

If you answered yes to any of these questions: Congratulations!
Cooby is the right product for you!

A product built for managers and sales reps

For managers
Record important WhatsApp conversations to gain visibility into what is being said between your reps and customers. Use WhatsApp activities to measure members' performance, ensuring your team's activities on WhatsApp are aligned with your business goals.

For sales reps
Save hours per day on administrative CRM work. No more going back and forth between WhatsApp and your CRM. Make your work simpler, save time and be more productive.

"Achieve 75% Shorter Deal Closing Time"

"Using WhatsApp for outreach can be a bit inconvenient and time demanding. Cooby addresses some of those challenges. I'm definitely significantly more productive with it and that payed back nicely."

Rod Panfili
Sales Executive at Silverbird

Choose the plan that's right for your team

Cooby Starter
Cooby Growth
Cooby Custom
For small teams just getting started
For fast-growing teams
For enterprise teams that have customized needs
6,000 synced msgs/seat/mo
Auto/Manual sync messages
Create & edit Contacts
Create Tasks & Notes
Inbox Zero
Create Tickets & Deals
Everything in Starter
10,000 synced msgs/seat/mo
WhatsApp Group Chats support
Auto-sync controls by contact
Sync chats to companies
Sync chats to deals
Sync chats to tickets
Salesforce integration
Zapier integration
Custom Webhook
Custom features
Everything in Growth

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