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Integrate WhatsApp to your Salesforce with Cooby

The integration
that you’ve been dreaming of

Watch the demo now to see what the WhatsApp + Salesforce integration has in store for you.

The WhatsApp + Salesforce integration by Cooby brings light to your WhatsApp customer data and enables your team to divert their energies into exceeding their quotas instead of administrative work.

Create and Update Contacts / Leads

Effortlessly Maintain Your Customer Database

Ensure every Salesforce contact and lead is backed up by creating and updating them right within WhatsApp.

Perform Salesforce Tasks

Achieve More by Doing Less

Boost productivity while reducing effort spent on administrative work by performing Salesforce tasks right where the conversation happens.

Sync WhatsApp Conversations to Salesforce

Never Lose Insights and Opportunities

Automatically or manually back up all WhatsApp customer conversations to Salesforce for context and future reference.

What You Get

Outstanding features and capabilities that make Cooby the only WhatsApp Extension you would ever need

System tabs that automatically update according to your message’s status.

Schedule events that lets you integrate your Google Calendar and set meetings right within WhatsApp.

What You Get

Outstanding features and capabilities that make Cooby the only WhatsApp Extension you would ever need

Sarah Lin
Developer at FinApp

I love SoftBit! The integration process was super simple. We use it every single day to keep track of all our daily downloads.

Josh Stevens
Founder of CourseApp

Softbit is the ultimate analytics tool for every company that's serious about maximizing their website's traffic and click-through-rate.

Andrew Young

You can tell that SoftBit is the best analytics tool after using it for a few minutes. I absolutely love the intuitive and clean dashboard.

We Design and Build with Privacy at Heart

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We will NEVER sell your data or keep it hostage. We do not store your conversation data by default. Think of Cooby Extension as a UI layer on top of WhatsApp.

Take control of your WhatsApp now!

You deserve a WhatsApp that you can customize to how you like it, go ahead and use it for FREE!

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

Whatsapp for business Should have Cooby as default !! This "ONE" app supercharges and organises whatsapp use to the next level. Must have if you use Whatsapp for business.

W Antony Thilak
Jan 27, 2022

The extension has been really helpful in managing the WhatsApp chats and as a result also plays a great role in increasing productivity throughout the day, with making it possible to focus on directly what is required be it work, family and freinds. Kudos to the team, the product is built perfectly and the UX is also hassle-free ✨

Rahul Khandait
Jan 5, 2022

This extension has saved me at least 30 minutes every day, by helping me organise my WhatsApp messages so I don't have to go switching and searching between groups and individual chats.

The UX in my opinion is already very well done.  I was able to find the features I needed within 1-2 clicks, without having to consult a manual.  A quick start checklist might be useful, as I found that there is more than one way to handle certain tasks - e.g. I initially put contacts I wanted to follow-up with in a custom group. Later I used custom messages on the contact record.  I only just discovered the notifications feature, and that is going to save me even more time.

Ivan Wong
Dec 6, 2021

Cooby is very solid product that you can use it with your whatsapp seamlessly also take control your whatsapp and give it to some superpowers like crm, tabs, quick reply, notifications, notes etc... at least try once you won't regret.

Selçuk Şentürk
Oct 4, 2021

You guys really did a smooth job its clean as well as beautiful. really needed something like as the numbers of chats and groups were increasing and there was no way to control or arrange the chats but you guys saved the day. Thank You ❤

Ayush Kumar Giri
Jul 6, 2021

Love it!

1. Got rid of the native Whatsapp app on my Mac by saving Whatsapp now as a Chrome app

2. My life is now so much more organised. Thanks Cooby!!

Joylita Saldanha
Modified Jun 27, 2021

Integrate WhatsApp to your Salesforce now!