Tracking customer interactions and providing excellent customer service are pivotal to any business’ growth. 

When such interactions go beyond traditional communication channels and start populating on WhatsApp, you need the right technology to bring them into your CRM. Cooby’s HubSpot WhatsApp integration empowers you to bring all customer data and conversations from WhatsApp to your CRM software. 

With Cooby’s HubSpot integration, you can manage all business messaging in one place. You get a complete picture of what's happening in WhatsApp conversations, helping you make suggestions in real time.

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What is WhatsApp HubSpot integration?

WhatsApp HubSpot integration allows businesses to connect their WhatsApp account with HubSpot's CRM platform. It facilitates seamless communication with customers, leads, or contacts through WhatsApp while managing and documenting all interactions within HubSpot.

Integrating the two gives you complete visibility over all business conversations with a potential or present customer. Any messages sent or received will be automatically recorded in the CRM, ensuring your team stays updated on customer interactions.

The WhatsApp HubSpot integration essentially bridges the gap between an immensely popular communication platform and a robust CRM solution. It allows businesses to leverage the best of both platforms, enhancing customer relationship management, improving response times, and facilitating a more personalized customer experience. 

HubSpot CRM - An overview

HubSpot CRM is an intuitive and powerful customer relationship management solution that streamlines sales and marketing processes, including attracting leads, closing deals, and nurturing customer relationships. It simplifies contact and lead management, pipeline visualization, and deal-stage tracking within the same dashboard. 

The user-friendly software automates various administrative tasks for the sales and marketing team. Its integration with WhatsApp makes it even more seamless for your team, as it automatically keeps conversations together, be it on WhatsApp, email, or calls. The system delivers actionable insights, encouraging you to make informed decisions.

The CRM system scales with the organization while taking customer engagement to the next level. Its integration with WhatsApp makes it a reliable asset for salespeople, as they don’t need to copy and paste chats and conversations into CRM manually. 

Why do businesses integrate WhatsApp and HubSpot?

Several benefits add up to make a solid case for HubSpot WhatsApp integration. It minimizes administrative work, provides complete visibility of WhatsApp interactions, and organizes WhatsApp customer data, notes and tasks to increase productivity. Below are the reasons to integrate WhatsApp and HubSpot. 

Boost WhatsApp for sales

Saves time and increases productivity

Businesses can quickly locate WhatsApp conversations and customer databases in HubSpot without asking professionals to upload chat screenshots or add notes about their conversations with clients.

Everything syncs up on the CRM, helping managers have 360-degree visibility of how professionals pursue deals and communicate with clients. On the other hand, professionals can easily update HubSpot through their WhatsApp Web application. Cooby offers two options to sync chats to Hubspot: manual and auto sync. Manual sync requires users to choose chats they want to sync to HubSpot. In the contrary, auto sync brings the entire conversation history to HubSpot whenever a user logs into Cooby.

Sync options allow users to record WhatsApp conversations on HubSpot, enabling businesses to keep all customer interactions in one place. 

Improves customer service

WhatsApp is becoming an increasingly popular channel for interacting with customers and making closer connections. When these interactions sit with all other updates and conversations on HubSpot, it helps businesses address customer needs in an effective and timely manner. 

This leads to more satisfied customers and better overall customer relationships.

Enhances customer relationship management

HubSpot is a powerful CRM platform that helps businesses manage customer relationships and interactions. Businesses can improve their CRM use and get more value by syncing WhatsApp chats to HubSpot.

WhatsApp attracts modern users’ attention with every update and notification. As a business, you leverage this opportunity to communicate your message to these consumers in WhatsApp chats. Keeping these messages together with other marketing and sales-related data helps you provide relevant assistance and nurture relationships. 

Streamlines communication

Cooby helps businesses streamline their communication by bringing WhatsApp conversations closer to all other interactions with a prospect or customer. This can be particularly useful for businesses that use multiple communication channels, as it can be confusing and challenging to track all the them. 

By syncing their WhatsApp chats to HubSpot, businesses can easily view all customer messages in one place, making communication more efficient and effective.

Simplifies data management

Managing customer data can be challenging for businesses, particularly with many customers. With Cooby, businesses can simplify their data management by syncing WhatsApp customer data to HubSpot. 

This makes accessing and analyzing customer data easier, which is valuable for multiple purposes, including market research, customer segmentation, and more.

Faster sales deal

How to integrate WhatsApp to HubSpot with Cooby

Cooby is a powerful tool that helps businesses integrate WhatsApp and Hubspot. With Cooby, businesses can easily view customer’s WhatsApp messages from within HubSpot to manage other aspects of their operations.

Below are some steps you can follow to establish WhatsApp HubSpot integration. 

  1. Download Cooby and sign up to create an account. 
  2. Find the integration icon on the upper right side of the screen. You can simply hover over the icons to find it.
  3. You’ll see options to integrate with multiple CRM software. Choose HubSpot among them. 
  4. Cooby will take you to the application page, where you can see several features with HubSpot WhatsApp integration. Click Connect to HubSpot.
  5. Login into your HubSpot account and choose the account you want to integrate with Cooby.
  6. Open HubSpot and find any contact. 
  7. Click on Filter activity and make sure you have selected Cooby under the integration section to view synced chats in the HubSpot timeline. 

If you need help integrating WhatsApp and HubSpot, read the integration guide to start the process.

Functionalities of Cooby’s HubSpot WhatsApp Integration

Cooby’s HubSpot WhatsApp integration provides several functionalities to help you take customer relationship management to the next level. Below are some of its most useful features and functionalities. 

Syncs WhatsApp conversations

You can sync all WhatsApp chats whenever you log in or manually select the chats you want to track in your CRM. You can start syncing conversations and avoid manual work to keep their record.

“Cooby offers really powerful WhatsApp integration. We needed to integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot to sync our messages, which worked well. Cooby has handy features such as manual sync, templates, and team functionality. It works well with individual WhatsApp numbers.”

- Andrei Rotaru, Global Head of Sales at Silverbird

*Review may be edited for clarity.

Discover what users say about Cooby's Chrome extension and how it helps business owners streamline their messaging with multiple CRM integrations.

Create or link a new contact

You can link or create a HubSpot contact within WhatsApp without any back-and-forth. It saves time and lets you update the CRM software’s customer database directly from WhatsApp.

This way, your team can focus on conversations rather than being unnecessarily busy with administrative work. 

Create HubSpot tasks and notes

Do you want to record any crucial information the customer shares or simply add your perspective on any customer conversation? Create notes on HubSpot directly from WhatsApp and track them on the CRM software. 

You can also create tasks related to any customer and bring them in HubSpot to ensure your team or manager can see them. It helps them stay informed about what’s happening with a particular prospect or customer.

WhatsApp sales growth

WhatsApp HubSpot integration - FAQs

Can we integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot?

Yes, you can integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot easily through Cooby. You can integrate your personal or business WhatsApp number and configure Cooby’s WA HubSpot integration to sync the chats you want to track on the CRM. 

Cooby’s manual sync allows you to keep selective chats within WhatsApp and tracks only those you intentionally want to. 

The integration helps both managers and reps. For managers, it guarantees visibility and simplifies sharing any conversation with other stakeholders. On the other hand, salespeople can easily update contact details, move chats to CRM, maintain notes, and schedule meetings and reminders directly from WhatsApp.

How to integrate WhatsApp in CRM?

Take Cooby’s 7-day free trial to start integrating WhatsApp in CRM. Read reviews of people seeking a similar solution and learn more about their experience with Cooby.

Can I use WhatsApp Business API?

You can integrate WhatsApp API numbers with HubSpot. However, API numbers come with specific challenges. Read more about the challenges of using WhatsApp Business API compared to a regular WhatsApp Business number.

What is the benefit of WhatsApp integration in CRM?

There are several benefits. You get comprehensive visibility over all business conversations in one place. There’s no administrative workload for your team, helping them focus more on their sales or support role. You get to work on account as a team rather than in silos.

Do more of what you do best

Let Cooby take care of administrative tasks like updating WhatsApp conversations, create tasks, and add notes on HubSpot. Start focusing more on conversations that matter for your business. Improve business messaging with a 360-degree view of WhatsApp conversations and suggest modifications to make them stand out. 

Take Cooby for a spin, integrate with HubSpot, and see how it saves time and increases productivity.

"Cooby created a massive impact on our business. Our teams became more efficient and effective in managing clients on WhatsApp."

Pascal Lammers
Head of Digitization, Mission Mittelstand GmbH

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