Finding innovative ways to connect with your target audience is crucial for businesses. 

Personalized communication can impact customer loyalty and retention. As a result, WhatsApp has emerged as a better sales engagement channel, encouraging people to run WhatsApp campaigns to better engage customers.

One can leverage WhatsApp to plan and execute a campaign that cuts overhead costs and saves time. 

What are WhatsApp campaigns?

A WhatsApp campaign is a part of marketing communication targeted toward current or potential customers with the intent to inform, engage, support, or update buyers.

It’s more than just messaging. It’s a result-driven medium for customer-facing teams to reach out to their clients and prospects. WhatsApp campaigns allow businesses to create a more personalized experience for their customers. This helps build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty. 

Benefits of running campaigns on WhatsApp

Running a successful campaign on WhatsApp can help scale ROIs in less time. This allows businesses to focus on their bottom line and ensure success. The benefits of WhatsApp campaigns outweigh the resources one puts into them. 

Instant and async communication

WhatsApp allows businesses to have direct and instant communication with their target audience. They can quickly share information, updates, and promotional offers with their customers. Moreover, they can respond to customer inquiries and complaints in real time. 

WhatsApp communication is async, providing sufficient time and space to recipients to get back to you of their own free will. Unlike cold calling, WhatsApp messages don’t interfere with the customer’s task at hand and they can reply as they please. It helps improve the customer experience.


WhatsApp campaigns are cost-effective, unlike traditional marketing channels like TV or print ads. It allows companies to save money on advertising costs while still reaching a large audience.

Tip: Cooby empowers WhatsApp users to broadcast messages to unlimited contacts. Learn more about how businesses can use WhatsApp broadcasts to reach their audience.

High engagement rates

WhatsApp has high engagement rates, with messages having an open rate of 98%. This means the chances of your message being read and responded to are high. Brands can build strong customer relationships, increasing brand loyalty and sales. 

The average open rate of emails is 21.5% according to the email marketing benchmarks report, which is relatively low compared to WhatsApp. It becomes a significant angle to think about when choosing a channel for marketing campaigns.

Multimedia capabilities

WhatsApp allows businesses to share multimedia content like images, videos, and audio messages. Audiovisual advertisements get more engagement on channels like WhatsApp, helping businesses reach and connect with several people. It also gets easier to create engaging content for the audience and promote the business.

Group messaging

WhatsApp helps brands create groups and send messages to many people simultaneously. One can target those who have recently purchased a product or signed up for a newsletter. 

Moreover, with tools like Cooby, you can easily navigate group chats, add notes and comments for your team, or add reminders for yourself on WhatsApp

Top 10 WhatsApp campaign examples

The following examples will equip you with the necessary information for your next marketing campaign:

1. Adidas’ rent a Pred

Addidas' whatsapp campaign

Adidas launched a hotline called Rent-a-Pred for amateur teams to replace last-minute dropouts. The replacement player wore the new Predator 20 Mutator boots for the game. The WhatsApp hotline helped teams contact Adidas. 

The goal was to rent high-quality players, which helped make the campaign successful. “Rent a Pred” shows how Adidas uses technology to solve customer problems.  

2. Absolut Vodka’s doorman at the party

Absolut's WhatsApp campaign

Absolut Vodka's 2018 "Doorman at the Party" campaign targeted young adults who enjoy partying and nightlife. The campaign utilized WhatsApp to create an interactive experience for users. Absolut Vodka used a virtual doorman on WhatsApp for a personalized party experience. 

The WhatsApp "doorman" asked questions and recommended a fitting party experience for users. The doorman could also suggest bars, clubs, and other venues that would be a good match. The optimal use of WhatsApp for customer service resulted in the campaign's success.

You can create a reliable customer base while saving time with templates for WhatsApp messages. Read about the top WhatsApp Business message templates and examples

3. Saffola’s beat the crave

Saffola WhatsApp campaign

Saffola's "Beat the Crave" campaign on WhatsApp offered distractions from unhealthy cravings. A chatbot provided pre-recorded messages & puzzles to help users achieve their fitness goals. The chatbot also promoted Saffola’s new active slimming drink. The campaign was an interactive way to promote healthy living. All the while, they increased awareness of the brand’s products. 

4. Sunfeast Marie Light’s tea-time selfie

Sunfeast's Whatsapp campaign

ITC’s Sunfeast Marie Light used WhatsApp to boost biscuit sales. ITC's campaign urged users to share a "Tea-time selfie" with the biscuit for a chance to win a TV. The campaign ran for three months and was a great success. 

This brought impressive results for the brand. It was a unique WhatsApp marketing strategy and worked effectively to engage customers and drive sales. 

5. Maggi’s chef in your kitchen

Maggie's WhatsApp campaign

Maggi's "Chef in Your Kitchen" campaign aimed to connect with customers. They created a free cooking curriculum and a WhatsApp-powered virtual assistant called Kim. Customers received step-by-step guidance, cooking technique videos, and answers to their questions. 

The campaign received 200,000 messages in the first 8 weeks. And there was a significant lift in ad recall and campaign awareness. This demonstrated how WhatsApp marketing could help brands connect with customers.  

6. ADAC’s don’t call mom

ADAC's WhatsApp campaign

ADAC's "Don't Call Mom" campaign aimed to connect with younger people who did not own cars. The campaign let participants ask questions they were hesitant to ask their parents. ADAC experts and influencers played the role of 'mom' and replied to messages for 14 hours a day.

The campaign generated 20 million impressions and received 140,000 messages in only 6 weeks. ADAC's WhatsApp marketing strategy enabled them to connect with the younger population.

7. Netflix’s recommendations through WhatsApp

Netflix's WhatsApp campaign

Netflix used WhatsApp notifications to keep users engaged with their video streaming platform. In 2017, the campaign targeted users who had Netflix and WhatsApp on their phones. Netflix sent WhatsApp notifications with recommendations and reminders to users.  

The goal was to maintain interaction with users who canceled their subscriptions. This increased the chances of future resubscription. The campaign aimed to retain existing users and attract new subscribers to the platform.  

Klook’s online bookings

Klook's WhatsApp campaign

Klook used WhatsApp to improve customer service and launched a notification campaign. The campaign aimed to reach customers efficiently and enhance their experience. The result was a significant boost in customer retention rate, with an increase of 40%. The campaign's success shows WhatsApp's effectiveness as a marketing tool for the travel industry.  

9. Flipkart’s a personal shopper

Flipkart's WhatsApp campaign

Flipkart ran the 'Big Billion Days' campaign to help customers buy products quickly. They used an automated chatbot with Amitabh Bachchan to communicate with customers. The campaign used innovative formats that received positive feedback.

In two weeks, Flipkart achieved impressive results, including 3.5 times more conversions. Moreover, there were 7 times more quality visitors and USD 2.5 million in revenue through WhatsApp. Learn how you can use WhatsApp to close more deals

10. Hellman’s WhatsCook

Hellman's WhatsApp campaign

Hellmann used WhatsApp to launch the "WhatsCook" campaign. This was to help people cook with ingredients they already had. Users registered on the website and received guidance from a chef. The chefs guided people on what they could prepare with their ingredients. 

The campaign stood out by offering unique content and real-time assistance through WhatsApp. The results were impressive. They got 99% of users reporting satisfaction and 13,000 registrations. On average, users spent 65 minutes engaging with the chef, showing high brand loyalty.  

How to make the most of WhatsApp in your next campaign 

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for communication and engagement in campaigns. With Cooby, you can take your WhatsApp strategy to the next level. Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of WhatsApp in your next campaign with Cooby.

Get started with Cooby for free

Organize in tabs

Cooby organizes your WhatsApp chats into tabs. This can help you keep track of different campaigns or audiences. For example, you could have a tab for customer support chats. Moreover, you can create a tab for sales inquiries and a tab for marketing messages. It helps manage chats easily and quickly respond to customer queries.

Template feature

With Cooby, you can create message templates for different campaigns or situations. This can save you time and ensure consistency in your messaging. For example, you could create a template for a promotional message or a customer service response and then use it whenever you need to send that type of message.  


Cooby’s also offers a broadcast feature, allowing you to send a message to many recipients. One can send out promotional messages or announcements to a large audience. You can use templates while broadcasting to customize your message for every audience, add personalization, and send them out without limitations.

CRM integrations

Cooby integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce, among other popular CRM platforms. This integration allows you to manage WhatsApp conversations alongside other customer interactions. It provides a complete view of your customer interactions. All the while, it enables you to track conversations across different channels.

WhatsApp campaigns let businesses engage with customers better. Features like broadcasts, templates, and CRM integrations create targeted messaging. Successful campaigns offer promos and customer service and drive sales. Following best practices and features help deliver the best ROI.

If you’re thinking about using WhatsApp in your next campaign, learn more about whether you should use regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp for Business, or API numbers.

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