Businesses and individuals use WhatsApp differently.

Businesses have several people to contact, while individuals use WhatsApp to contact friends, families, and sometimes colleagues. 

WhatsApp broadcast messages do offer a way to reach out many people at once. However, it comes with limitations for businesses. Cooby helps users address these limitations and make WhatsApp ready and charged for businesses.

Cooby-powered WhatsApp integrates with software that businesses love, keeping silos minimum while making WhatsApp more productive and efficient. Before we dive into the details, let us start with the basics. 

What is a WhatsApp broadcast?

A WhatsApp broadcast allows users to send a single message to multiple recipients simultaneously. Businesses commonly use WhatsApp broadcasts to reach out to several people at once.

You can send broadcast messages to people who have saved your number in their contacts. One broadcast list can accommodate 256 people. However, there’s no limit to the number of broadcast lists you can create.

Tip: Sign up for Cooby's for free to broadcast WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers.

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How to create a WhatsApp broadcast list

Below are some easy steps to create a WhatsApp broadcast list on your mobile device.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the "Chats" tab.
  3. Tap on the "New broadcast" button. This is usually located at the top of the screen, next to the search bar.
  4. Select the contacts you want to add to the broadcast list. You can search for contacts by typing their name in the search bar or scrolling through your contacts list and selecting them manually.
  5. Once you have selected all the contacts you want to add, tap on the "Create" button.
  6. Give your broadcast list a name. This is optional, but it can be helpful if you plan to create multiple broadcast lists.
  7. Tap the "Create" button again to finalize your broadcast list.

Limitations of WhatsApp broadcast for businesses

WhatsApp explains WhatsApp broadcast as “With the broadcast list feature, you can send a message to several contacts at once.” We can derive the limitations from the statement itself. 

Absence of personalization

When you’re a business promoting discounts and offers to customers on WhatsApp, you need to add personalization to the messaging. Modern customers expect it. You can’t go with “Hi there” or “Hey Amigo” anymore. Otherwise, customers might perceive this as spam.

Personalization in messaging shows you know who you’re talking to. Adding this personalization becomes challenging when broadcasting the same message to everyone.

How Cooby helps: 

Cooby offers templates to personalize messages. You can add a “display_name” variable in the template and broadcast it to all chats in a tab. Cooby automatically populates WhatsApp display names in the message before broadcasting.

Cooby adds personalization to WhatsApp broadcasts

It helps you personalize promotional messages and campaigns while still reaching out to several users simultaneously.

Limited number of chats in a broadcast list

Using WhatsApp Broadcast, you can reach out to 256 people at max in a broadcast list. While this is a reasonable number, your contacts will likely grow as you scale your businesses. You would need an easy way to reach more than 256 people at once without creating multiple broadcast lists. 

It’s possible to reach out to unlimited people at once using Cooby. Unlike WhatsApp Business API, you don’t have to contact any third-party API provider, go through approval processes, or message under strict restrictions. Cooby equips regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp business with capabilities relevant to startups and SMBs.

How Cooby helps

Cooby lets you add unlimited contact or phone numbers to a tab. Select the messaging templates and broadcast messages to every chat you want to, with no restrictions. 

Big sales teams, consultants, support teams, or anyone who uses regular or business WhatsApp can benefit from this just by installing Cooby. 

Absence of any tracking or analytics

As a standalone application, WhatsApp doesn’t provide any tracking or analytics features to track WhatsApp broadcasts or measure its impact, engagement, or conversions. It becomes challenging to keep track of all messages when the target audience replies, pushing WhatsApp interactions into the shadows. 

How Cooby helps

Cooby empowers you to integrate WhatsApp and CRM. With Cooby, you can sync WhatsApp interactions to HubSpot or Salesforce easily. It helps you keep track of all interactions in one place, providing more clarity on customer communications.

Sync WhatsApp Broadcasts to Hubspot

You can easily track replies to your broadcast messages and ensure no warm lead leaks due to less visibility. 

How Cooby makes WhatsApp fit for businesses

Cooby transforms your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business into a messaging platform where your focus becomes as still as an alligator resting beside a lake. You become intensively productive and efficient at supporting customers.

Get started with Cooby for free

Cooby provides the world’s most powerful WhatsApp inbox for teams that navigate customer interactions on WhatsApp. You get an organized view of chats while syncing them to HubSpot or Salesforce. The application helps you collaborate with your teams with features like notes and comments. Broadcasts and templates increase your efficiency while interacting or following up with people. 

Cooby brings Inbox-Zero to WhatsApp for the first time. You can focus on a chat at a time and close it before jumping on to the next, reaching inbox zero daily. Teams get a boost of confidence with a never-ending inbox zero streak.

Learn more about WhatsApp marketing to discover how you can engage potential buyers on WhatsApp.

"Cooby created a massive impact on our business. Our teams became more efficient and effective in managing clients on WhatsApp."

Pascal Lammers
Head of Digitization, Mission Mittelstand GmbH

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