WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. With its easy-to-use interface and free messaging service, it has become a go-to platform for billions of users worldwide. 

From being just a messaging app, WhatsApp has now become a promising channel for businesses. There are strategies being built to target audiences on WhatsApp. You can check our blog on WhatsApp marketing strategy to get started with your strategy and make full use of the app for your business. 

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and WhatsApp has strict policies in place to ensure that its users are using the app appropriately. Unfortunately, there have been instances where users have violated these policies, resulting in WhatsApp banning their accounts. 

Why WhatsApp bans user accounts

To ensure that WhatsApp remains a safe and trustable platform, it keeps on banning accounts for all different purposes. Users must keep a check on adhering to WhatsApp regulations and rules if they don’t want to get banned from using this service. 

Violating WhatsApp's terms of service

Wherever we go, we get introduced to certain rules and regulations to maintain the aura of the place. Similarly, WhatsApp has introduced a set of terms and conditions, violation of which leads to an account ban. 

Spamming or sending too many messages

Spamming strangers by sending bulk messages of any sort is a sign that you are using WhatsApp for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few things that can mean spam:

  • Messages from strange numbers that ask to tap on a link
  • Messages asking to share private information like credit card numbers, OTP, etc.
  • Messages that ask you to forward it
  • Claiming or asking you to pay money to use WhatsApp
  • Unwanted promotion by strange numbers
  • Fraud promotions and lucky draws.

If you do any of these things, WhatsApp’s strong bots will filter out your account and ban it.

Sharing inappropriate content

You might have received a message one day that appalled you. You immediately report the number. A few more reports and the number is banned on WhatsApp. WhatsApp keeps a check on what is being sent through the app to eliminate inappropriate texts and messages. But what messages are considered inappropriate and get banned?

  • Pornography or other explicit content;
  • Abusive language;
  • Bloodshed and other sorts of gory videos;
  • Messages promoting violence or terrorism;
  • Hate speech, discrimination, or harassment;
  • Messages that infringe on intellectual property rights or copyrights;
  • Promoting illegal activities or violating local laws and regulations;
  • Sending files that contain viruses, malware, etc.

Whenever you forward a message, make sure that the message you forward is none of these.

Getting reported by too many people for legit reasons

You might not be a terrorist, a rumor-monger, a propagandist, a pervert, a fake-news peddler, or a spammer, but you unknowingly could have sent annoying messages to strangers or even known people. WhatsApp has allowed people a Mr. America-like shield that they can use to protect themselves against such acts – "Report". 

When people report you, your last few messages get sent to WhatsApp for inspection. When too many people report you, you get banned by WhatsApp. 

Getting blocked by numerous people

Getting blocked by too many people, WhatsApp takes it as a sign that there is something fishy. If you get blocked by numerous people, you qualify for getting blocked and banned by WhatsApp as well. So, before you send messages to people, think if you are sending messages under the terms and conditions of WhatsApp or not. 

Suspicious activities

WhatsApp defines suspicious activities as those that involve unusual patterns of behavior or activity that could be seen as potentially harmful or malicious. This could include things like creating numerous fake accounts, sending large numbers of messages to people you don't know, or using the app to conduct illegal activities. 

WhatsApp takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously, and it uses sophisticated algorithms and other technologies to detect and prevent suspicious activity on the platform.

Technical reasons

Not you could be at fault always; sometimes, the issue lies at WhatsApp’s end. Because WhatsApp is a software that runs on servers and deals with other technicalities, it could suffer from technical issues as well, or maybe technical limitations. 

Using an unsupported version of the app

There are several mods (modified versions) of WhatsApp available in the market. If you are using an unsupported version of WhatsApp, you may receive a notification asking you to update to the latest version of the app. If you do not update the app, WhatsApp may restrict your access to the app. It’s essential to always use the official version of WhatsApp and keep it updated to avoid any issues with the app's functionality or security.

Switching between different phone numbers too frequently

If you’ve been switching your phone numbers too often, your account might get under scrutiny. If something is then found that WhatsApp thinks goes against its terms, your account might be banned.

Technical bugs and glitches

Sometimes, the platform might suffer from bugs and mistakenly ban you down. In such a case, write to the company regarding the same through their support mail.

Consequences of WhatsApp Ban 

Now, as for the bans, they’re of two types:

  1. Temporary ban
  2. Permanent ban

A temporary ban works like a light warning. It’s placed when you are found to either be using an unofficial version of WhatsApp or doing automatic extraction of information, which is known as scraping. 

A permanent ban comes either when you are found to be doing serious illegal activities, or you failed to reverse your temporary ban. 

How to Avoid WhatsApp Ban

WhatsApp is a potent messaging app that not only keeps us connected to our friends and family members but also helps businesses reach their full potential through WhatsApp Business. Never would you want to see the gruesome message saying “your account has been banned”. 

To ensure ceaseless messaging and avoid any ban, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Follow WhatsApp's terms of service
  • Don't spam or send too many messages
  • Avoid sharing inappropriate content
  • Use only authorized mods and tools
  • Use the latest version of WhatsApp
  • Don't switch phone numbers too frequently
  • Don’t misuse the broadcast message feature. Here’s a guide to help you create a WhatsApp broadcast list and use it mindfully
  • Avoid sending unknown messages without verifying them for authenticity

Did you know? Cooby increases your productivity and efficiency on WhatsApp with several features like Inbox Zero, sort to a tab, notes, comments, and CRM integrations. The tool abides by WhatsApp's policies to maintain a peaceful user experience.

What to do if you get banned?

In case of a temporary ban, if you think your account is banned by mistake, you may simply email them or tap “request a review” inside the app itself. The team then takes on your request and reviews your ban. If WhatsApp thinks that your reasons are legit, your ban may be removed.

In case you are using the unauthorized version of WhatsApp, quickly change it to the official one. Once you do it, you need to re-register your account with the messaging platform.

Once you are banned permanently, there is no path left for recovery. 

Bottom line

What letters and landlines were once, WhatsApp has become the same today. It’s the most used messaging app in the world today and thus holds the potency to help you see what you seek. As a human, it’s our responsibility to make this platform a safe and improved place every day. Not only bans can put a halt to your lifestyle, but they can even cut you off from the many opportunities out there. 

Always make sure that you use it wisely to spread happiness and the right information. Do not send spam messages, misinformation, aggressive and violent messages, and inappropriate messages including explicit content, threatening messages, etc. that might get you reported and banned. If you see a message that asks you to forward it, always review your decision, as your action can not only lead to a ban but a disruption in society as well. Apart from it, empower your loved one with this information as well.

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