Tips and tricks to maximize sales conversions on WhatsApp

If you're a salesperson, you know that getting the message out to your potential customers can be tricky. WhatsApp is a great way to keep in touch with them. It helps you make sure customers know you're still interested in talking to them.

The platform enables salespeople to address customer queries when they emerge. Many sales teams out there leverage the capabilities of the messaging platform to serve their customers. Several salespeople use Cooby to make the most of WhatsApp as a sales communication channel.

Take a deep dive into this article to learn more about how sales teams use WhatsApp to close more deals.

How to use WhatsApp to close more deals

WhatsApp isn't limited to personal conversations anymore. People expect businesses to interact with them the same way they conversate with their friends and family. Many teams have started using WhatsApp as a conversational tool to engage potential customers.

When you're on the sales side, the transition is evident since your team interacts with potential customers more often. Take a deep dive into how you can unlock WhatsApp's true potential to fuel your sales conversions.

Here are five ways to empower your team to close more deals on WhatsApp. Some reviews

1. Use WhatsApp for cold outreaches and follow-ups

Emails are relevant in modern business. However, people often ignore them or put them on the back burner. Salespeople know it best. While doing cold outreach, how often have you received a response in the expected time? It's 'x' out 10 times, where 'x' tends to be zero.

Teams that run high-velocity sales know that they can't wait for 3x days or weeks to do the next follow-up. They must guide prospects and move them forward in the sales pipeline without delay. Such teams leverage WhatsApp and benefit from async communication where the recipient can respond at a suitable time.

In countries with widespread WhatsApp usage, people are more active on the platform than on any other communication channel. WhatsApp connects people with their friends and family, making the communication platform a lot closer to them. Your business needs to establish a similar connection with people to get their attention. Learn more about why you should choose WhatsApp for conducting sales engagement activities.

Even when WhatsApp doesn't come under your team's tech stack, your team still uses it as a secret weapon to get a customer's attention. Customers are also responsive and convert faster when engaged with the proper messaging across WhatsApp as a communication channel. Discover how Portergo saw a 25% increase in conversions by leveraging Cooby's conversational sales solution for WhatsApp.

Cooby empowers sales teams with multiple functionalities. One of them is templates. Salespeople can create a message template with variables such as customer names. Cooby will automatically populate customer names in place of variables, enabling teams to personalize sales messaging.

"WhatsApp has become like email these days, and it becomes so difficult to keep track of important chats when you get so many every day. I literally can't imagine myself responding to chats without Cooby. It's so much fun, convenient, and productive. The team is very receptive to feedback and user suggestions."

- Kush Taneja, Founder of FamPay

2. Prioritize high-confidence accounts on WhatsApp

As a salesperson, you bounce between multiple chats at a time. You should look for high-confidence accounts and support them in priority to close more deals. Usually, this is what any salesperson would do. However, the approach becomes the differentiator.

It's common to be lost while serving several customers on WhatsApp. You need a separate tab or bucket of chats to aggregate conversations that show a higher conversion potential. You can download Cooby's Chrome extension that not only segregates chats into tabs, but does a lot more to empower high-velocity sales teams.

"I've been searching for a solution to manage my out-of-control WhatsApp inbox. Cooby instantly brings order by creating lists of priority folks to respond to and muting the group chats that can be incredibly distracting.

- Shiyan Koh, Managing Partner at Hustle Fund

Discover how Cooby Extension can help you segregate and prioritize important conversations.

3. Involve teammates to serve customers better

Sales teams are great evangelists of your product or service. However, when it comes to technicalities, product or technology teams become your best chance to clear prospects' doubts. Typically, a salesperson acts as a bridge between a prospect and your technology team to resolve queries in such cases. This process takes up some time that you can easily save.

When conversing with prospects on WhatsApp, you can tag the respective team member on the chat and address customer queries in real time. This helps salespeople save time and move prospects faster through the sales pipeline. Signup for Cooby to tag your teammates and add comments on conversations.

Discover how Mission Mittelstand GmbH reduced communication time by 20% with Cooby.

Cooby also integrates with customer relationship management software (CRM) like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others. Leaders can use Cooby to have 360-degree visibility of sales conversations on WhatsApp.

"Cooby is an excellent product that you can use with your WhatsApp seamlessly. You can take control of your WhatsApp and give it some superpowers like CRM, tabs, quick replies, notifications, notes, etc... at least try it once; you won't regret it."

- Selçuk Şentürk, Founder & CEO, The Crown

For questions about Cooby, read our FAQs or get in touch with us on WhatsApp.

4. Schedule events proactively

"Yes, sure! I'll send an invite," How many times have you said this but didn't send a meeting invite? Probably, not many times but just a few. These few become missed opportunities for your company. Any prospect or lead expects salespeople's interest as the first mandate for conducting any business.

When you promise and don't deliver without sending any sort of communication, it signals that the salesperson isn't keen on serving a customer. You should prevent this at any cost. When turned into a deal, an opportunity adds to a business' revenue growth. You need to keep them coming, make them feel supported, and support them. Cooby schedules meetings within WhatsApp, so you don't miss any opportunities and focus on what you do best.

"No more endless scrolling just to find that specific chat thread. Cooby's custom tabs efficiently clear my unread messages, and boost inbox productivity with must-have features like Schedule Events, Reminders, Share conversations, and Notes."

- Saket Gautam, Web development Intern, DevComm

5. Never let a lead slip

Procrastination has been an adversary of every salesperson at some point in their career. While you work on the priority deals, it's expected that you will get to some conversations a little later. When that later comes, an urgent meeting or chat pops up and takes your attention away. Although every deal or prospect isn't equal, they're equally important for your business' sustenance.

You can remind yourself to take a relook at conversations you worked on at the end of the day or any scheduled time. These reminders help you make sure that no lead or prospect slips out through the cracks of delayed communication. It lets you stay on top of serving potential customers, which translates into a truly remarkable experience for them.

You can set reminders on WhatsApp Web powered by Cooby's WhatsApp Chrome Extension. These reminders empower you to stay on track with every conversation, support customers better, and close more deals.

Cooby empowers sales teams to shorten the sales cycle, improve customer engagement, and increase conversion rates on WhatsApp. Leverage Cooby to unlock WhatsApp's maximum potential to run high-velocity sales.

"We're glad we found Cooby. Our business deals with 100 clients daily, so we need WhatsApp support, and Cooby is exactly what we were looking for. It's beneficial for our customer support team to be able to add the number directly from the browser, sort the chats according to the tabs, and set reminders for our ticket handling. We recommend cooby to any company that uses WhatsApp to communicate with customers and internal team members."

- Dr. Yogananth Andiappan, Founder and Director, Anahata Yoga, Hong Kong

Learn more about how Wizkidscarnival doubled their conversion rates by leveraging Cooby.

"Cooby created a massive impact on our business. Our teams became more efficient and effective in managing clients on WhatsApp."

Pascal Lammers
Head of Digitization, Mission Mittelstand GmbH

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