Unraveling Protergo’s strategy on improving conversion rate by 25%

Case Study

Cyber Security

In this time and age where cyber attacks are as common as receiving spam email, Protergo, who is known to be the most advanced Security Operation Center in Southeast Asia, ensures that infrastructure and network of organizations are protected from malicious attempts made by hackers.

Given that there are 68.8 million monthly active WhatsApp users in Indonesia, the Business Development and Account Management teams in Protergo have chosen to utilize WhatsApp as a follow up channel in an attempt to get close and personal with their customers.

The challenge

While using WhatsApp as a customer communication channel guarantees a higher response rate, Sales Executives are struggling to find efficient ways of monitoring their team’s sales activities on the platform as data and conversations are siloed. They have no way of tracking engagement metrics such response times, messaging quality, etc. which are all part of the team member’s KPIs.


Faiz Wirananda, the manager of both Business Development and Account Management teams, has been using a manual tracker for engagement complaints and SLAs on excel for the longest time. It would usually take him at least 1 week to track his team members’ performance. He depended on hear-says and reports written by the team members themselves.

After realizing how much time is wasted on manual administrative work, he searched high and low for a tool that could help him simplify his life in order to focus on what is truly important - guiding his team to close more deals and hit their quotas. Lo and behold, he found Cooby.

Outstanding Results

In Protergo’s history, they have never seen growth quite like what they’ve experienced since onboarding Cooby. They saw their conversion rate increase by a whopping 25%. They used to close a deal once in every few months but since closely monitoring their customer interactions, they were able to coach based on reality and have started closing at least 1 deal per week.

If that is not impressing enough, their engagement complaints such as late or no response have dropped down to 0 from getting an average of 50 per month. The 100% increase in customer engagement satisfaction can be credited to the alert feature of Cooby Workspace that helps team members remember when a message is about to exceed their set SLAs.


Cyber Security




Jakarta, Indonesia

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