Several people use WhatsApp in this day and age. One of the main drivers of WhatsApp's success is the ease of use. In addition, the most popular messaging app keeps improving in terms of features, security, and privacy with each update.

When WhatsApp first debuted in 2009, status updates were its primary focus. Later, WhatsApp 2.0's instant messaging capabilities were to be credited for the app's massive growth. 

64 WhatsApp statistics you should know

With WhatsApp's second edition, its user base swiftly increased to 250,000 active users. Now that the stage is set let's go straight to the latest and most intriguing WhatsApp statistics. 

  1. WhatsApp ranks 3rd among the world's most-used social platforms, with Facebook and YouTube topping the list.
  2. WhatsApp is most popular in the age group of 55 to 64 years, with female users being 20.4% and male being 19.6%. 
  3. Over 0.5 billion WhatsApp users use the status feature each day. 
  4. has a record of 34.19 billion total annual visits in 2021.
  5. The average time spent on is 3 minutes and 10 seconds per visit. 
  6.'s mobile share is 21.5%, and its desktop share is 78.5%. 
  7. WhatsApp's open rate is 98% compared to 21.5% of emails.

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WhatsApp chat statistics 

The number of texts being sent and received by users on WhatsApp is rising in conjunction with the number of active users. This further demonstrates how WhatsApp has become a preferred app for users worldwide to send and receive instant messages.

  1. Over 100 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp each day.
  2. This can also be seen as 41.7 million messages per hour, 694,444 messages in a minute, and 11,574 messages per second. 
  3. Almost 2 billion minutes are spent each day on WhatsApp calls. 
  4.  The platform's voice and video calls may accommodate up to 8 users.
  5. Messages sent through WhatsApp increased by 53.8% compared to 2018. 
  6. Almost 6.9 billion images are shared on WhatsApp chat each day.
  7. WhatsApp merely uses kilobytes of data when a message is transmitted on WhatsApp. 
  8. Transferring video files uses over 1 MB of data.

WhatsApp group statistics 

With the help of the WhatsApp Group function, users may set up chat rooms or group conversations where they can converse with numerous other users simultaneously.

  1. WhatsApp groups can have up to 1,024 members.
  2. Up to 265 members can be added to each broadcast list. 
  3. There is no limit on the number of broadcast lists. 
  4. The WhatsApp API allows broadcast messages to up to 1 million unique users.

WhatsApp business statistics 

In 2018, WhatsApp business made a significant debut in assisting small businesses by enabling their clients to quickly contact them over WhatsApp. The following are some intriguing WhatsApp business data and stats:

  1. WhatsApp Business app has a record of over 292 million downloads as of June 2022. 
  2. Over 5 million businesses globally use WhatsApp business. 
  3. A user spends an average of 9.3 hours monthly on the WhatsApp business app. 
  4. 175 million users send messages to WhatsApp business accounts each day.
  5. WhatsApp Business app has the highest conversion rate of 45-60%, compared to 2-5% for emails and SMS.
  6. WhatsApp Business API can send broadcasts to up to 100,000 users.
  7. The engagement rate for 1 million verified WhatsApp business accounts is 1.72%, compared to 1.39% for non-verified business accounts. 
  8. As per the estimates, 2.5 billion business hours will be saved through WhatsApp Chatbot in 2023.
  9. WhatsApp business search volume increased by 24.2% YoY.
  10. WhatsApp business has improved customer service speed by a whopping 225%. 
  11. Companies have recorded a 27% increase in sales through WhatsApp.
  12. There is a 20% increase in conversions through the WhatsApp business app.  
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WhatsApp usage by country

Most individuals worldwide use WhatsApp as their preferred internet messaging service. However, did you ever wonder which nation has the highest number of WhatsApp users?

  1. WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries in almost 60 languages. 
  2. India, Brazil, and United States are the top 3 countries with the highest number of WhatsApp users.
  3. With 390.1 million users, India has the highest number of WhatsApp users globally.
  4. India is followed by Brazil and United States, with 108.4 million and 75.1 billion users, respectively. 
  5. Russia has seen the highest growth of 17% in WhatsApp monthly active users. 
  6. Austria has seen the least growth of 7.3% in WhatsApp monthly active users.
  7. Countries including Syria, China, North Korea, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Cuba have restricted or banned WhatsApp.
  8. Kenya has the highest user penetration at 97%, while India has the lowest at 64%. 

WhatsApp user statistics 

WhatsApp has remarkably high users since it encourages conversations with text, audio, or video. Messages on WhatsApp are read at a rate that is substantially higher than that of SMS and email. WhatsApp is, therefore, perfect for both business and personal discussions.

  1. WhatsApp accounts for 2.78 billion monthly active users (Jan 2024). 
  2. 1.5% of WhatsApp users are unique to the platform.
  3. WhatsApp ranks 2nd among the top mobile Apps based on monthly active users, with Facebook topping the list. 
  4. 25.3% of the total population globally is active on WhatsApp. 
  5. 32.4% of the total population aged 13+ globally is active on WhatsApp.
  6. 45.8% of WhatsApp users are female, and 54.2% are male.
  7. On average, an Android user spends 18.6 hours per month on WhatsApp 
  8. WhatsApp is the favorite social media platform for 15.7% of Internet users between 16 to 64 years of age. 
  9. Over 2 billion minutes per day are spent on WhatsApp video and voice calls.
  10. WhatsApp has seen 200 times growth between 2010 and 2020 in terms of monthly active users. 
  11. An average user opens WhatsApp 25-30 times in one day. 

WhatsApp revenue statistics 

WhatsApp contributes very little to Facebook's overall revenue. It's virtually entirely generated by WhatsApp for Business, which starts charging companies after 1,000 conversations.

  1. Koum and his friends, who worked for Yahoo, provided $250,000 as seed money for WhatsApp in October 2009.
  2. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in 2014 for $19.6 billion in exchange for shares of Facebook valued at $21.8 billion.
  3. WhatsApp's ownership stake accounted for 10% of Facebook's market value at the time of purchase.
  4. In 2021, the average revenue per user was estimated to be $0.24 for WhatsApp businesses.
  5. Europe had the highest annual revenue per user (ARPU) for WhatsApp business globally, earning an estimated 1.21 dollars per user on the service.
  6. According to estimates, WhatsApp business made close to 300 million dollars in revenue in 2021.
  7. WhatsApp's estimated revenue from Asia-Pacific was the highest, with over 113.5 million US dollars spent on the premium version of the well-known instant messaging service.
  8. Latin American customers, believed to have spent 89.4 million dollars on WhatsApp business, came in second.
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WhatsApp download statistics 

WhatsApp began as a straightforward but distinctive messaging service that developed as new features were introduced. The platform's download statistics show how much it has grown over time. Here are some fascinating statistics and information regarding WhatsApp downloads: 

  1. WhatsApp is the 8th most downloaded app for Android users.
  2. WhatsApp has a record of 600 million downloads
  3. WhatsApp has 146 million ratings on the Android platform, with an average rating of 4.1. 
  4. The iOS platform has 9 million WhatsApp ratings, with the average being 4.8. 
  5. With 291.58 million downloads, India has the highest number of WhatsApp business app downloads. 
  6. India is followed by Indonesia and Brazil, with 73.12 million and 69.5 million business app downloads, respectively. 


What's next?

WhatsApp dominates the market for messaging services and the transition from private to professional communications. In the coming years, it's expected to expand its user base while rebranding itself as something other than messaging software. 

Messaging Apps marketing will probably take off in social media advertising, all credits to WhatsApp messenger services.

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