Aligning a brand’s narrative with its vision is crucial for a company’s overall messaging. Whenever there’s a gap, we embrace a change. That’s precisely what we did!

We’re thrilled to announce Cooby's reinvention with our latest rebrand. We’d like to welcome you to the new Cooby, rebranded to better resonate with our commitment to providing the world’s most powerful WhatsApp experience.

We’re well-positioned to empower professionals and teams to communicate better at scale.

The motivation: What led to rebranding?

Cooby’s rebranding initiative stems from our desire to align more with our customers in various industries. Previously, our logo was more casual, resonating with individual users. However, the new design exudes professionalism. It expresses our commitment to assist businesses and salespeople in communicating at scale on WhatsApp.

Wen Shaw, Co-Founder and CEO of Cooby, said, “When we worked on our mission, vision, and core value proposition in the first half (H1) of 2023, it solidified our narrative. We felt our visuals needed a revamp as we have better clarity on our business’ direction now.” He added, “Earlier, our visuals spoke to individual customers or prosumers. With the new branding, we speak to businesses.”

The clear messaging led us to rethink our visuals. It became the driving force behind rebranding. Our new branding complements the new generation of sales, specifically teams that use messaging to connect with clients.

Keeping messaging consistent became another motivator for the rebrand. We adjusted our messaging on our social channels, Google Chrome Store, and HubSpot Marketplace. With this, we provide a consistent value proposition for our customers across all digital channels.

The rebranding project commenced after several internal conversations and chats with our customers. We noticed a disconnect between our branding and customer base. We wanted our brand to resonate more with teams aspiring to enhance customer communications at scale.

After intensive internal brainstorming, we revised our brand’s look and feel.

The transformation: What changed?

We revamped our logo, messaging, and visuals to resonate with our audience. Here’s what we got when we hit a refresh on them.

The new logo

We’re going from ambiguity to more clarity. Our logo echoes the same. Earlier, our logo was more generic and designed to cater to diverse individual use cases. With the new logo, we want to speak directly to teams who want to build deeper connections with clients over messaging. They also need more effective team management while they focus on sales. Cooby’s new logo exudes professionalism and precisely resonates with these needs.

We transitioned from a casual, rounded font logo to a professional look. We used color psychology to identify the color palette for our brand. Purple signifies charity groups; with Hooloovoo Blue (A super-intelligent shade of Blue inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), we emphasize trust, loyalty, and team efficiency.

Ideation supporting Cooby's new logo
Ideation supporting Cooby's new logo

John Wu, Visual Designer at Cooby, spearheaded the rebranding project. He used a three-component graph to come up with the new logo.  The graph comprises a chat icon, a visual for teamwork that resembles Figma pins when people collaborate in real-time, and Cooby’s “C” became the building blocks of the new logo. 

Ideating the visual for teamwork
Ideating teamwork's visual

Our new logo is simpler, flat, and highly focused on messaging and teamwork, making it memorable for our audience. We modified the tail of “Y” to give it a more quirky and professional look. The image below clearly describes the modifications.

Giving a professional look to Y

“We want to speak to new-generation sales teams who want to be super-efficient in customer communication.  The new logo is more relatable to the audience, helping us earn their trust, ” says Shaw.  

The messaging

Our messaging evolved to focus on team use cases and how Cooby supports larger teams to have more connected and efficient conversations on WhatsApp. With our new messaging, we are better equipped to align with our ideal customer's needs.

This rebranding signifies our evolution, an intentional shift to more accurately mirror our vision and values. We at Cooby are excited to step into this new chapter. 

A new era of superior communication is here, and it starts with Cooby.

Cooby: A catalyst for change

Cooby is a WhatsApp inbox software tailored for sales and customer-facing teams to enhance inbox productivity and sales efficiency. 

What defines us?

We internally live by five values, including: 

  • Having a growth mindset
  • Being a problem solver
  • Doing the right thing
  • Prioritizing team accomplishments
  • Being dedicated

With these values, we aim to solve crucial challenges teams face using WhatsApp for customer communication. We address WhatsApp limitations in reaching out to a larger customer base.  Moreover, we solve for exploding chat volumes and lack of context due to inadequate integrations with internal systems.

We address these issues by allowing customers to manage and communicate with numerous contacts at scale. Our innovative features organize chats as the message volume grows. From bringing the battle-tested concept of Inbox Zero to WhatsApp to providing CRM integrations that promote transparency and collaboration, Cooby is transforming how companies communicate with their clients.

Tweaking thoughtfully to align with clients

Rebranding is just the first step toward to better align with our customers. It’s not the final. We’re just starting and will be tweaking our brand and processes inch by inch until we achieve our vision. 

We are on our way to becoming the world’s most powerful WhatsApp experience giving people the superpowers to communicate better at scale.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

"Cooby created a massive impact on our business. Our teams became more efficient and effective in managing clients on WhatsApp."

Pascal Lammers
Head of Digitization, Mission Mittelstand GmbH

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