Deciphering Wizkidscarnival’s strategic moves that doubled their conversion rate

Case Study


Back in the day, competitions were usually organized by schools and the local government. They used to be seasonal and were not as accessible to everyone depending on where you are located.

WizKidsCarnival, a child tech company, upped the game and provides opportunities year round for kids in the age group of 4-15 to hero their special talents by participating in themed contests that vary from dancing, singing, painting, and so much more exciting fields.

Given the nature of their business, their sales team interacts with parents on a regular basis to update them with their latest offerings and help them enroll their children in contests and workshops. Majority of the conversations and sales happen on WhatsApp as parents tend to be on their phones during their children’s down time.

The challenge

It is no doubt that reaching prospects via WhatsApp is the wisest move in this time and age as it is more flexible and personal. Managing a team that works on WhatsApp, on the other hand, has its fair share of challenges.

One of the biggest pain points that Wizkidscarnival faces is the inability to standardize messaging according to their brand guidelines. They cannot guarantee that engagement protocols are adhered to as there is no efficient way of tracking activities on WhatsApp. Given the circumstances, they have no choice but to believe in hear-says and trust that their employees are diligently sticking to what was taught during their training periods.


After multiple attempts of manually solving their operational issues on WhatsApp, they realized it was time to put a stop to this inefficient process that is taking up precious time away from achieving their mission to hero every child’s talent and skills. Luckily, they stumbled across Cooby at the perfect time.

With Cooby Workspace, their Sales Team Managers have been able to closely monitor the quality of their customer conversations and are easily able to identify areas of improvement since gaining 100% visibility over their team’s WhatsApp activities. They started coaching weak links based on actual scenarios rather than theoretical lessons.

On the other hand, team members started using Cooby Extension to organize their inboxes into tabs that helped them skyrocket their productivity. The Needs Reply feature ensured that no message is left unaddressed which aided in their drastic revenue growth.

Outstanding Results

Since onboarding Cooby, Wizkidscarnival has seen their revenue grow by a whopping 500% and conversion rate jump from 8% to 15%. They credit this impressive growth to multiple factors and one of them being the careful attention that they’ve put in on closely monitoring the quality of customer conversations and training accordingly.






Pune, India

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“Cooby has especially helped us in monitoring and ensuring that our communication is according to brand standards and we have been able to catch any deviation. Cooby also helps massively in training sales executives.”

- Vinayak Palankar, Co-Founder of Wizkidscarnival

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