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How AseguraPro Doubled Revenue by Adding WhatsApp to their Sales Funnel

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more personalized discussions on WhatsApp than cold calling
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For over 20 years, AseguraPro has become a customer-focused insurance brokerage

With over two decades of experience in Venezuela's insurance industry, AseguraPro emerges as a reputable brokerage firm. Collaborating with multiple companies within Venezuela, they specialize in offering a comprehensive suite of insurance products, including health, funeral, travel insurance, and a lot more.

AseguraPro sets itself apart through its steadfast dedication to exceptional customer service. Operating round the clock, their committed support system ensures clients receive prompt assistance and tailored guidance whenever the need arises.

The challenge

A challenge in tracking message exchanges, hindering the identification of missed opportunities and training needs

At AseguraPro, WhatsApp plays a crucial role in their sales outreach strategy. Their process for identifying new leads follows a specific sequence: crafting social media ads with a link to a landing page where potential leads would provide their customer information, including their WhatsApp numbers. After evaluating the lead's qualifications, the team attempts to outreach via phone calls. However, a challenge arose as many individuals preferred not to be contacted during business hours, necessitating follow-up with WhatsApp to respect their time.

Karen Ruiz, the Digital Products Manager, emphasized, "In any business, it is vital to respect customers' time, and we observed conversions were significantly improved when following up via WhatsApp.”

Yet, keeping track of all message exchanges between their sales reps and customers proved to be a challenge.

"It was extremely hard to monitor all message exchanges our representatives were having with customers and ensure that our service standards were being upheld.” - mentioned Daniela Prada, their RevOps.

Karen further adds:

“My goal as their manager was to identify gaps in service and provide adequate training accordingly, however, I had a blind spot when it came to message exchanges”


Making use of Cooby to close deals faster while tracking all message exchanges

To address this issue, they sought a solution that would enable comprehensive tracking of conversations and ensure adherence to company protocols, ultimately enhancing their chances of closing deals successfully.

They discovered Cooby on the HubSpot App Marketplace and immediately tried the free trial, finding it to be an instant match.

"It was so user-friendly that our sales reps started using it without needing any training" said Karen. “Now all messages automatically sync into HubSpot, I just check everything from there”

Their sales reps currently spend 6X more time chatting through messages than making cold calls. They use calls primarily for initial outreach but convert customers through WhatsApp.

Karen also shared, "The feature we use the most is the templates. Our reps can easily use predefined message templates to send it to leads, without needing pre-approval from WhatsApp. It's great!”


Doubled revenue, satisfied clients, shorter sales cycle, and better-trained sales reps

Their revenue has doubled since January this year, coinciding with the start of their use of Cooby. Sales reps have fully transitioned to closing deals directly on WhatsApp, making it much easier and faster to finalize deals due to quick access to customers.

“Reaching customers where they feel most comfortable and reachable was key," shared Daniela.

For Karen, she gained full visibility into their sales reps' message exchanges, allowing her to identify gaps and provide targeted training to address issues.

Their sales representatives can now maintain an organized message inbox, quickly identifying who has been responded to and who still requires attention.








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“WhatsApp allows for personalization and constant contact that our customers just love. We've even received positive feedback from them about this!”

- Karen Ruiz, Digital Products Manager, AseguraPro

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