Being a mobile application since its inception, WhatsApp has evolved significantly to enable easier user access. 

It’s available on the browser as WhatsApp Web, and on laptops as WhatsApp Desktop.

A compatible computer and a web browser are all it needs today to provide you with a better experience on WhatsApp Web. You can connect with your friends, colleagues, clients, and everyone you interact with from the comfort of your laptop. 

Let’s dive into some fascinating WhatsApp web statistics and explore how people from diverse countries and cultures use it. 

While you’re at it, check out how businesses use WhatsApp Web to establish stronger and more trustworthy connections with their clients.

Top WhatsApp Web statistics

Let’s look at some of the general statistics about WhatsApp Web in this section. While you may know some already, a few entries in this list will surely surprise you. 

  1. WhatsApp Web generates a total of 2.5 billion monthly unique visits. 
  • WhatsApp has over 681.5 million daily unique visitors.
  • There have been 8.79 billion visits to WhatsApp Web just from April to June in 2023.
  • The average time every user spends on WhatsApp Web is 21 minutes and 56 seconds.
  • The top traffic source to WhatsApp web is direct, driving 83.33% of desktop visits last month, and organic search comes second with 9.66% of traffic. Paid search for WhatsApp Web is hardly used.
  • WhatsApp Web gets most of its social media traffic from YouTube (55.54%) 
  • Facebook contributes to 19.73% of its traffic, and Instagram sends around 10.77% to the website.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn contribute to only 3% and 2% of traffic to WhatsApp Web, respectively.
  • Did you know that WhatsApp web works only on Google Chrome running on a desktop or laptop? It generally does not work on other devices or even if you try running it through Google Chrome mobile.
  • The above is validated by the fact that WhatsApp Web has only 4.5M users trying to access it monthly.
  • WhatsApp Web will also not work if the user’s device is not updated to the latest WhatsApp version.
  • Around 820M users monthly access WhatsApp Web through a Desktop device.
  • Around 50 million businesses use WhatsApp Web to interact with prospects, make sales, or provide support.
  • Over 98% of its traffic comes from branded keywords (aka specific, direct), and only 2% is from non-branded keywords.
  • While most of the traffic to WhatsApp Web is direct, when it comes to referral traffic, Linktree takes up a considerable chunk: 9%! 
  • Smaller referral traffic of around 2% are from Yandex, Kiwify, and Yampi
  • Again, in terms of referral traffic, most of it is from the Lifestyle industry, with over 9% coming from it, 8.5% from the computer industry, and 7% pure traffic from search engines.
  • As of July 2023, WhatsApp Web has an interest level of 60 on a scale of 0-100.
  • The turning point for WhatsApp Web’s rising trend was during March 2020, going from a popularity level of 30 to 75 in September 2020.
  • WhatsApp Web has a website authority score of 100, one of the highest levels for any website.
  • There are over 4.4 million referring domains to WhatsApp Web.
  •  It also has over 23.91B backlinks.
  • WhatsApp Web has over 16.34B do-follow links and 6.1B no-follow links.
  • Over 20,000 keywords also rank for WhatsApp Web in the United States.
Here’s a WhatsApp Usage statistics article that’s super insightful! 

WhatsApp Web usage share by country

Brazil, India, Mexico, Indonesia, and Colombia are the top 5 countries when it comes to using WhatsApp Web. In terms of Google searches, it’s again dominated by Brazil and India, with not many users searching for it in North America and the United Kingdom. 

Let’s look at the usage share by country and some search engine insights. 

  • In May 2023, most of the users accessing WhatsApp Web came from Brazil, with over 15.61% coming from the country.
  • India is close second, with 10.18% of users using WhatsApp Web.
  • Mexico at number 3, with 7.06% of users going to the site.
  • Indonesia and Colombia are at positions 4 and 5 with 5.70% and 4.85% of users accessing WhatsApp for the Web.
  • WhatsApp Web boasts 2.4 million searches on Google USA per month. 
  • In the United Kingdom, the average number of monthly searches is 1.9 million.
  • However, the search volume for this term is exponentially higher in India and Brazil with 100 million and 73 million searches per month.
  • Peru and Indonesia also lead in the top 10 with 25M of traffic coming from these countries.
  • WhatsApp Web has a global rank of 20 on Google and is behind Reddit, OpenAI, and LinkedIn.
  • It’s ranked #12 in Google Brazil.
  • WhatsApp Web is least popular in Japan, followed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

WhatsApp Web demographics

Surprisingly, users aged 25-34 use WhatsApp Web more than people of other ages, followed by those aged between 18-24. Also, more males use the web application compared to females. 

In this section, we’ll look at the user spread of WhatsApp on the web. 

  • Over 34.75% of WhatsApp Web users are aged between 25-34.
  • The next big chunk of users are aged between 18-24, with 25.96% of them using WhatsApp Web.
  • Around 18.70% of users aged between 35-44 also use the web version.
  • 10.67% of users are aged between 45-54, and 6.41% are between 55-64.
  • The lowest share of users is aged over 65 and makeup 3.51%.
  • WhatsApp Web’s gender distribution looks like this: 53.46% are males, and 46.54% are females.

WhatsApp Web engagement statistics

WhatsApp Web has one of the lowest bounce rates of any website, and the average time users spend on it is around 22 minutes. 

In this section, we’ll look at how users engage with WhatsApp Web and cover statistics such as bounce rate, average time spent per session, some websites that users also visit, and find out some related search terms that people use to find the website.

  • WhatsApp Web has a bounce rate of 40.11%. Facebook and YouTube have lower bounce rates, comparatively.
  • The average time users spend on the site is 21 minutes and 56 seconds.
  • It has an average of 1.64 pages per session.
  • Users also visit Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs while using WhatsApp Web.
  • Similar keywords that people use to find WhatsApp web are WhatsApp (26.5 million queries), WA Web (7.2 million queries), and web WhatsApp (5.9 million queries).
  • WhatsApp Web’s audience interests are primarily in the Computers category. Over 10.11% of users also have an interest in Programming.
  • Over 9% of users have an interest in Computer Electronics.
  • Around 9.5% of users have an interest in Gaming.
  • And around 3% of users have an interest in movies and TV shows.
This could mean that desktop users generally use WhatsApp on the Web to quickly send docs, refer to their email, download files, or share Google Drive links directly with recipients. 


Bottom line

WhatsApp Web has become an essential add-on to the overall platform. It offers users the advantage of accessing their accounts and engaging in conversations right from their computers. It provides a continuous experience when working on the desktop and prevents having to continuously use the mobile phone whenever a new message is received.

As the statistics above show, WhatsApp Web appeals to users across various demographics (primarily Millennials and Gen-Z), making it a popular choice among different age groups, backgrounds, and regions. Its seamless integration with the mobile app lets people switch devices easily, letting users maintain their conversations seamlessly across platforms. 

Explore more WhatsApp statistics to study its growth, usage patterns, and engagement levels.

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